Psychic Shakes


“It’s pretty clear that McLellan hasn’t given himself many rules for the project, instead drawing on a huge range of influences and just creating, seeing what happens. There are traces of jangle pop, surfy vibes, and something more minimal and severe.” ~ Various Small Flames


Since its inception, Psychic Shakes, the solo project of Brighton-based artist Max McLellan, has transported listeners with easy-going, melodically engaging hooks that drift through the subconscious. Far away vocals, downtempo beats, washed-out 7th chords and lyrical vulnerability swirl for a sound evocative of The Drums, Beach Fossils and Men I Trust.

Now, Psychic Shakes is gearing up to release the Unsaid EP out later this year via Good Eye Records.

The EP is conversational; a cathartic monologue, an attempt to unlock the internal conversations people have with themselves. McLellan finds a release across its five-tracks, but it’s not a mournful one – it’s transgressive in a positive way.

“I’ve always struggled to write lyrics, I never want to reveal too much,” McLellan shares. “Part of the reason I wasn’t creating anything for three years was because I was stuck in a constant loop of self-doubt. A lot has happened in my personal life in that time that has challenged me. I don’t really like going into detail about things that bother me. But if you don’t talk about your problems, you end up doing yourself more harm than your pride is worth.”

Be sure to follow Psychic Shakes on any of their social links detailed below and look for Unsaid out later this year via Good Eye Records.

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Unsaid tracklist:

01: Wage Slave
02: Last Night
03: Suddenly
04: Had To Stray
05: Waiting For


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