Scarves now shares “Crushed Ice,” the first single off of their forthcoming LP out September 28th via Good Eye Records.

The track debuted in an Album of the Month feature on City Arts Magazine who called it, “a compositional blockbuster.”

“The song’s somber key and the languid pacing of its intertwined guitars recall Built to Spill at their most pensive, seductive. And then the aching chorus, “You were coming through/Like light through broken glass.” Floating behind Stathakopoulos’ keening vocal, guitarist Nessa Grassing sings extra detail. It crescendos into mania with Stathakopoulos declaring “It’s just a trick of light!” before decelerating into wordless, reverby murmurations.”

Stream Scarves’ “Crushed Ice” today and pre-order Dinner Dates for the End of Day on standard and limited edition “Green/Blue Smoke” vinyl here.

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