Photo by: Chris Von Holle

Carriers’ Curt Kiser has just debuted the first single since the release of their debut album, Now Is The Time…

“Without You” arrived via American Songwriter where Kiser detailed, “This is a really exciting premier for me because it’s the first time I’ve had the confidence to release a home recording. I wanted to keep it simple, fast and raw while letting the synth be the driving force. I used a Yamaha CS1x that I found last year at a local pawn shop and an old 60’s Goya that was handed down to me.”

I usually pass my work through a few trusted hands to make something sound the best that it can, but it’s cool trusting more of my own process while fully realizing this single in a more stripped-down setting.”

Listen to Carriers’ “Without You” below and look for it on streaming here.